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You can't walk past a newsstand these days without seeing the smiling faces of the boys of summer Every sports publication imaginable is predicting who will win the pennant, who will be the home run king and whose fans will suffer through another long, hot summer.  This tradition of pre-season prognostication has been going on for ages.  While we were checking out a few of this year's editions, we decided to take a look back at some predictions from the past.

Earlier today we pulled out this gem from 1956.

It's the baseball edition of a magazine called True, The Man's MagazineHere's their predictions for the 1956 baseball season.

So how'd the folks at True do?  Here's the way the season finished:

American League:

1. Yankees

2. Indians

3. White Sox

4. Red Sox

5. Tigers

6. Orioles

7. Senators

8. KC Athletics

Three for eight.  Not too impressive.

National League:

1. Dodgers

2. Braves

3. Reds

4. Cardinals

5. Phillies

6. Giants

7. Pirates

8. Cubs

Three for eight again.  Not a great year for predictions.

A couple other facts from the 1956 baseball season -

World Series Champions - Yankees

MVP - Mickey Mantle

Cy Young Winner - Don Newcombe

Rookie of the Year - Luis Aparicio

We'll show you predictions from another year in a couple of days, but for now it's your turn. 

Let's start in the west - tell us who you think will win the AL West & NL West?

In case you're wondering, a quick survey of the M&N offices has the Angles and Dodgers at the top.


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