Remembering John Wooden

From the Pyramid of Success to the accomplishments listed below, John Wooden’s impact will never fade.  Not on the game of basketball, or the lives of those who knew him.  


He won 10 NCAA Mens Basketball Championships

He won seven NCAA Championships in seven consecutive years

He holds the record for most appearances in the Final Four at 16, the most consecutive appearances at 9 and the most victories at 21.

He had 8 perfect PAC 8 Conference season (now the PAC 10)


Many within the basketball world have been remembering Wooden in their own words...


"He's a legend and an icon. He's one of the world's treasures, but especially in L.A..”  - Magic Johnson


"His legacy is unmatched. It's unreal. You talk to players that played for him, they all say to a man that he has made them better people, aside from the basketball. Just them as people, he's helped them be better. That's the true testimony to his legacy." – Kobe Bryant


"Forget the coaching part. I wish we could all be that decent.” Doc Rivers


"He was a great teacher, and he was a molder of talent. Basketball was just the means that he affected us, and made us deal with our character issues. Because what we'd learn on the court really did translate to our lives. – Kareem Abdul Jabar


One coach still knows more than all the others combined. And he's been retired for three decades.  – Rick Riley

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