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Sandlot (n.) A vacant lot used especially by children for unorganized sports and games


Sandlots were the gathering place for any neighborhood kid who loved to play and watch baseball. It was a place where kids could come and play the game amongst and against friends and neighborhood rivals. It was a game organized and run by kids. There were no uniforms, umpires or parents involved. It was a game played in a park or vacant lot by young boys for decades. Kids would play baseball all day long. This was a time when going out to have a catch with parents or friends was normal. It was a game that created bonds between friends and family and where life long lessons could be learned.


Today we would like to celebrate the kids who played the friendly pick-up games or who battled it out for the glory on the sandlot. Although where we live there are not many sandlots still in existince we do still spot the daily pick-up games of wiffle ball and stick(long) ball in the schoolyards in our area. We came across some great pictures of sanlot kids of the past. These made us wonder whether you have any sandlot pictures from the past to share or if this great traditional still exists in your area?

If it does send us some pictures, past or present and let us know!

Below is one of our favorite moments from the movie that celebrates this almost extinct game. We hope you love it as much as we do!


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