While summer is starting to come to an end, it is still very hot outside. On a hot summer day, people typically wear shorts. Then logically it made sense 35 years ago when the Chicago White Sox decided to wear shorts for the first game of a double header against the Kansas City Royals, right? Wrong. Some things just don’t go together, and one of those things is shorts and this jersey… 

This combination of shorts and ‘70s inspired jersey top (not to mention the old school knee high gym socks) might go down as the worst uniform in history. The team must have realized this after the game, because despite winning the first game of the double header by a score of 5-2, the team switched over to pants for the second game. The 2nd game of the double header ended in a 7-1 defeat, but that didn’t keep the White Sox from retiring the shorts for the rest of time.



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