Sports Collectors Convention, Part 3

Okay, just a few more shots from the National Sports Collectors Convention that we attended a couple of weeks ago.

In the late 1930's teams were experimenting with different fabrics for their uniforms.  Here is a shot of what was known as "Palm Beach" fabric, most likely used during spring training.


This is Paul Dean's "Palm Beach" jersey.  The fabric is really light and would have definitely been a much cooler option than the heavy wool that was being worn at the time.  However, from what we understand, the big reason that this fabric never took off was because there were issues with the jerseys shrinking.

This one really blew us away.  Check out this shot of a game worn Roberto Clemente glove.

In the shot below you can see an image where he is wearing the same glove.

Like we said last week, there is a lot to be seen at this show.  If you're in Chicago next August be sure to check it out.

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