"The Books Don't Lie"

...Oscar Robertson on Wilt Chamberlain being one of the best ever.

On November 24, 1960, Wilt the Stilt went onto to capture his most impressive rebounding record:  pulling in 55 boards in one game.   Despite having their star player dominate the backboard, the Philadelphia Warriors fell to the Boston Celtics that night, 129-132.

 Wilt Chamberlain is arguably one of the best offensive basketball players of his time.  During his career, he broke more than 70 NBA records, most of which were in scoring and rebounding.  In 14-years, Chamberlain scored 31,419 points; this number has been surpassed only by Kareem Abdul-Jabaar in 20 seasons and Karl Malone and Michael Jordan, each in 19 seasons.  He remains as the only NBA player in history to have scored 100 points in a single game.


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