"The kid was crude, but look at him run."

Infuriating his own teammates as much as his opponents, Ty Cobb did not receive the warmest welcome in Detroit. Arriving August 29, 1905, Cobb made the fans go wild with his first at bat. He hit a line drive over the head of center fielder Eddie Hahn. Although his name was not even listed on the scorecard that day we are sure fans quickly learned his name. He didn't understand the way his teammates played the game and how they could not do the things that he could.To him there was one way to play baseball - his way.

With that his teammates began what we might today consider hazing Cobb. He would be pushed aside at the batting cages, locked out of the bathroom to freeze in hotel hallways, his bats sawed in half and caps crushed. It did not take long for the fights to begin. Although Cobb was said to have been better with his mouth then his fists, he didn't back away from any man.

Detroit Tigers 1909 - Ty Cobb

Ty Cobb was known as much for mastering the art of batting as for his attitude. Owner Frank Navin saw a young man with great potential who could run like the wind. "The kid was crude, but look at him run." 


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