Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!

Making the headlines on ESPN.com and SportsIllustrated.com, Cliff Lee's return to the Philadelphia Phillies is the big story today. Excitement is in the air and what a great Christmas present this is for the City of Brotherly Love.




I, myself was woken up at 2:50 AM to receive the good news. Following that at about 5:30 AM, I could hear my mother cheering and yelling from the kitchen as she brewed her morning pot of coffee. Then, as i signed on Facebook this morning there it was in everyone's status update: "Welcome back Cliff Lee" all the way to "Merry Cliffmas". The funniest of all of the quotes, sayings, status updates, pictures and videos was this:


With that, I will end this post by saying, Merry Cliffmas & Happy Halladays Phillies fans! 

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