Well Done Cormega

We saw a great quote from our friend Cormega on SLAM Online today and we thought we'd share it with you.

SLAM: In SLAM 81’s Dime Drop, when throwback jerseys were hot, you said it should be a privilege to wear throwbacks, not a fashion statement. Do you hate how they were treated like a trend?

Cormega: I think people don’t understand Mitchell & Ness is a nostalgia company. If you look at the people that wore Mitchell & Ness even before they were hot, the majority of them, who was it? Older men. Or white men coming from work. White men with button-up shirts and the jersey over it. A 6-year-old kid is not gonna appreciate a DiMaggio jersey or a guy that was on the Colts in 1950. When people stop wearing it, I just laugh because that means more for me! I have on a Mitchell & Ness hat right now—a New York hat. If they make a Rod Strickland jersey tomorrow, I’m on that.

Thanks to Cormega for understanding that Mitchell & Ness jerseys never go out of style.

Click here to read the rest of the interview.


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