Your Crash Course In Packers History

Earlier this week we did the Steelers, so now it's the Packers turn.  Here are some random Packers facts to share on Sunday.

  • The Packers played their first official game on October 23, 1921.  It was a 7 - 6 win over the Minneapolis Marines.


  • Green Bay Packers is the longest standing name in the NFL.


  • A team of firsts - Curly Lambeau was the first coach to implement daily practices and the Packers were the first team to charter an airplane for a road game.


  • The Packers hold the record for most overtime games in one season - 5 in 1983.


  • On December 26, 1993, LeRoy Butler made the first Lambeau Leap.


  • Green Bay's 12 World Championships are the most of any NFL team.


  • The Packers have only had one Offensive Rookie of the Year - John Brockington 1971


  • They've had 2 Defensive Rookies of the Year.

Willie Buchanon - 1971

Tom Flynn - 1984


  • Vince Lombardi was carried off the field at least five times during his career, including his first and last games as the Packers coach.


  • Curly Lambeau is the only Packers to have worn # 1.  On the other hand, 36 players have worn # 23, the most worn number of all Packers uniforms.


  • The Packers first and only helmet logo debuted in 1961.

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